Sienna Miller says playing cheated wife in Anatomy of A Scandal has 'so many clear parallels' to Jude Law scandal and is 'like therapy'

Sienna Miller says her role in Netflix drama Anatomy of a Scandal 'felt familiar'

Sienna Miller on Anatomy of a Scandal
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Sienna Miller has opened up about her role as a cheated wife in Netflix drama Anatomy of a Scandal, admitting it reminded her of her own life.

The Anatomy of a Scandal ending still has fans totally in shock but it seems that there's a lot more OMGs to be had. Sienna opened up about parallels between her real life and that of her character's—in terms of public scandals.

 said she was 'drawn' to the role of cheated wife Sophie as it reminded her of when her then-boyfriend Jude Law confessed to cheating on her with a nanny  back in 2005.

Speaking to Willie Geist on NBC News' Sunday TODAY, Sienna admitted that she found certain aspects of the storyline, which sees her character's politician husband accused of sexually assaulting a young political aide, 'familiar'.

The star even said that filming the show was like, 'free therapy.'

She said, "I thought it was weird, as well, that I was kind of drawn to it. I think in a sort of psychological tourism way, it was an interesting thing to put myself back into a situation.

"It's very different, and it's a long time ago, but that did feel somewhat familiar, and to respond in a very different way to that."

Sienna added how she felt she was 'reclaiming' her power back in the situation. "Maybe reclaiming something, or just re-exploring something that was intense, and I was extremely young and Sophie's response to it is quite measured and contained," she explained.

She added, "It's very strange our job, I often ask myself why I want to do these things but there is a sense of catharsis in doing that somehow."

Based on the Anatomy of a Scandal book by Sarah Vaughan, who’s since gone on to write one of the best books of 2022, the Netflix hit explores the important themes of privilege, consent and justice during a dark court case. 

The adaptation sees Rupert Friend take on the role of MP James Whitehouse who finds himself on trial for the assault of his political aide Olivia, played by Naomi Scott. 

Speaking about her own experience, Sienna has previously opened up about the breakdown of her relationship with Jude Law following the cheating scandal, admitting, "There’s a whole six weeks of that experience that I don’t remember. I have no recollection of it."

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