Should Mitt Romney have kept his criticisms to himself? Learning the thorny art of diplomacy…Today’s Debate

The US presidential candidate Mitt Romney clearly has quite a way to go in learning the art of international diplomacy after a gaffe-packed day in the capital yesterday!

While telling UK media that he was sure that the Olympics (which start today – hurrah!) would be ‘terrific’, he was happily telling the US media that it was ‘hard to know just how well it will turn out’ with recent hiccoughs over security, strikes and flag mix-ups.

It feels sort of like when someone criticises a member of your family, doesn’t it? It’s fine for you to point out your nearest and dearests’ faults, but when someone outside the family does it, you suddenly want to defend them and tell the outsider to keep their nose firmly out of your business!

Equally, it’s fine for our UK media to report on the ‘challenges’ of putting on the Olympics, but when Mr Romney pronounces on our preparedness – or lack of it – it sort of touches a raw nerve, doesn’t it?

President Obama may not be doing so well in the polls at home at the moment, but he’s done nothing but charm us all on each of his visits here.

So, even if he disagrees with everything Mr Obama stands for, let’s hope Mr Romney learns some of Obama’s tact, discretion and fine diplomacy skills.

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Apester Lazyload