Sharon Osbourne Makes A Life-Changing Decision About Her Future

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She's the kooky, caring, and downright fabulous TV judge we all love - but now Sharon Osbourne has made a life-changing decision about her future, which means soon we won't be seeing her on our screens ever again.

Sharon, who is married to legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne, has just announced the date of her retirement, and sadly, it's a lot sooner than we would have liked!

The 64-year-old has admitted that she'd like to take her bow from the entertainment world before 2022, while she still has her "dignity".

Speaking to The Sun, she said, "I've given myself five years then it's time to say goodbye from the industry. I just think that it would be enough, I want to keep my dignity. I've been working since I was 15 in this industry and I think that's enough."

She continued to add that being one of the oldest in the glitzy entertainment world can get tricky. Sharon admitted, "It's very difficult if you're at a gig and you're the oldest person in the room. I think when you get to a certain age it can be somewhat embarrassing."

Sharon, who is currently fronting The X Factor UK with Simon Cowell, Nicole Sherzinger and Louis Walsh, also spoke about the impending end of her husband Ozzy's career.

Revealing when he may take the plunge into retirement, she said, "It's not going to be within the next year, but it's coming up."

Speaking about Ozzy, 68, and his long-standing career, she added, "I don't want Ozzy singing Crazy Train at 75. I think it's best you go out before you hit that 70 and go out on top."

Outspoken Sharon is currently judging on the UK X Factor, away from her home of Los Angeles where she and husband of 35 years Ozzy are now based. The pair have experienced a tricky time of late, following confessions of Ozzy's affairs with women almost 20 years his junior.

In 2016, rumours flew that Ozzy was having an affair with a much younger hairstyle Michelle Pugh.At the time, Sharon admitted to knowing about the situation, saying "This s*** that has been going on with my husband recently - well, it's not recent, it's been going on for five years - but people are talking about it now."

But it seems clear she's sticking by him now, recently posting a heartfelt Twitter message wishing her husband a happy anniversary.


It's not clear what Sharon's plans are in retirement, but one things for sure, she probably won't stay under the radar for long!

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