Serena Williams Gatecrashed A Late Night Tennis Session, Spreads The Love

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  • Well, this certainly doesn’t happen every day. Serena Williams gave two tennis amateurs the surprise of their life on Sunday night when she joined them for a few serve and volleys in her boots. What a hero.

    The tennis pro was out walking her dog, Chip, in San Francisco’s Dolores Park when she clocked two men enjoying a casual game of late night tennis and asked if she could join in the fun. And she didn’t stop there, sharing the whole wonderful thing on Snapchat with her thousands of followers.


    © Serena Williams via Twitter

    “I think they’re in the middle of playing out points, but I’m going to ask them if I can have the winner,” Williams toyed with her social-media followers before tightening the laces of her boots and getting stuck in.

    Although Williams didn’t share the end result, we’re guessing she smashed it.What’s more, her fans couldn’t get enough of this heartwarming story online. ‘Serena Williams is all kinds of awesome. All kinds,’ tweeted one fan.
    ‘Wish I had been there to witness the queen in her kingdom, come again!’ commented another.

    “The moral of this story is, you never know when I’m going to be coming to a tennis court near you,” the Grand Slam champ joked.

    You’ve all been warned…

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