Sarah Jessica Parker says she'd prefer Kim Cattrall not join potential future seasons of And Just Like That

Put simply, there's no chance for Samantha to ever be back

Sex and the City
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On the heels of the And Just Like That season one finale, Sarah Jessica Parker told Variety how she feels about Kim Cattrall's hypothetical return to the Sex and the City franchise.

When asked if she would be okay with Kim re-appearing on the show, Sarah Jessica, who recently also addressed the Chris Noth allegations, said, “I don’t think I would, because I think there’s just too much public history of feelings on her part that she’s shared. I haven't participated in or read articles, although people are inclined to let me know."

Although details surrounding Kim's relationship with her former co-stars and production crew are murky and we'll never really know how Kim Cattrall really feels about Sex and the City reboot she did like some tweets that appeared to be poking fun at the series a few months back.

In the new 10-episode season, the absence of Kim’s character Samantha was addressed. In the premiere episode, viewers learned that Samantha had moved to London after Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica, fired her as a publicist given the state of the publishing industry.

Although Kim did not appear on the show, Samantha was part of the storyline, mostly, via text messages exchanged with Carrie. In the series finale, the former friends even make plans to meet in person.

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Whether a second season of And Just Like That is even a possibility is yet to be seen (if the star ratings have anything to do with it, we’re in for many more episodes of the franchise). But fans hoping to see Kim come back shouldn’t hold their breath.

“We didn’t go to Kim for this, you know," Sarah Jessica said to Variety. "After we didn't do the movie and the studio couldn't meet what she wanted to do, we have to hear her and listen to her and what was important to her. It didn't fit into what was important or needed for us." She went on, "There's a very distinct line between Samantha and Kim. Samantha’s not gone. Samantha’s present, and I think was handled with such respect and elegance. She wasn’t villainized. She was a human being who had feelings about a relationship, so I think we found a way to address it which was necessary and important for people that loved her."

For what it’s worth, we really do hope the tide will shift and that we’ll get more And Just Like That… with Samantha in the show as well.

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