‘I don’t want my hair to be thin’: Ruth Langford gets candid about effects of the menopause on her body

Ruth Langsford has never been one to shy away from being honest with her fans - and on a recent episode of This Morning, she helped out one viewer by sharing her struggles with the menopause.

The 58-year-old presenter had sat down with husband Eamonn Holmes, and Vanessa Feltz, for a phone-in with viewers about weight struggles.

One fan of the show, Jessica, 46, quickly called in, confessing that since she began the menopause she’s been left ‘depressed’ over being unable to lose weight.

She complained to Ruth, Eamonn and Vanessa, “You get depressed because everywhere you look you see Love Island models.

Ruth Langsford

“You get the middle aged spread, and your weight is getting thicker and thicker and everything you do, nothing helps. ‘You do every fad diet, I’ve tried every pill. I do boot camp, I do all sorts of things. I eat well and then the chocolate calls at three o’clock.’

Ruth, who has spoken extensively about her own experiences of the menopause, could clearly relate, and sharing how the life stage has also affected her in an honest and candid confession.

Pointing to her stomch, she said, , “Oh I know that feeling! I’m with you on this one. You say you’re near the menopause, I’m definitely in the menopause. It completely affects my ability to lose weight,”

Ruth Langsford

But Ruth also admitted that she was adamant that she wouldn’t let the changes to her body affect her too much, telling Jessica, “I try not to let it ruin my life. But at least you’re doing those things and you’re going to boot camp. You’re trying your best.”

Loose Women star Ruth continued, confessing that she’s learnt to accept the changes in her body now – and instead focuses on enjoying her life.

She said, “I want my hair not to be thin, but it happens doesn’t it? We’re getting older.

“As long as you’re enjoying your life and living your life it’s not all about your weight. Jessica, enjoy your life, I’m sure you look great.” What brilliant advice!

However, it seems Ruth is taking steps to ensure she feels her best in her 50s, posting regular videos of herself exercising with her personal trainer.

On her Instagram, she shared some clips of her circuit training routine in her home in Weybridge, Surrey – but confessed the regime was ‘HARD WORK!!’

Very impressive indeed…

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