Ruth Langsford Fails To Recognise A Very Famous Guest

Seasoned TV presenter Ruth Langsford meets so many people over the course of each day, she could easily be forgiven for slipping up on someone’s name, or for failing to place them immediately.

But the This Morning host made one very awkward mistake with a well-known famous name whilst on her way into work at the ITV studios recently.

The famous face has dominated the headlines for the past few weeks due to the fact that she’s set to play the BBC’s very first female Doctor Who. Yes, it was Jodie Whittaker.

She’s made history in recent weeks with the announcement that she would be the 13th Doctor, following on from Peter Capaldi.

The new BBC Time Lord was hanging around the ITV studios after appearing on Lorraine with temporary host Christine Lampard, when she bumped into Ruth.

When finally live on the daytime show, Ruth recalled the earlier, awkward encounter. 

Ruth explained, saying, “You know when you know someone but you can’t place them? I say good morning to everybody, because I’m very friendly.”

“This morning, I said good morning to this one lady and went, ‘I know you. Where do I know you from?’ And she just smiled and looked a little sheepish. And she said, ‘Yeah, you might’.” 

She continued to admit that things didn’t even click when Jodie told her where she might know her from. She said, “I said, ‘Are you on the show today?'” And she said, ‘I’m the new
doctor’, and I went, ‘Oh, on This Morning? We’ve got a new doctor?'”

Finally catching on to her error, she said, blushing, “It was Jodie Whittaker.”

Ruth then told of her sincere and embarrassed apology when she realised the mistake. She recalled telling Jodie, “I’m so sorry, of course you are. I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you. I was thinking Dr. Rang is off sick!”

Speaking earlier on the Lorraine show, Jodie also revealed her excited reaction to hearing the news that she was the new Doctor Who.

She said, “When I was told there was no like, ‘Yeah thanks, thanks’, it was like, ‘Ahhh are you kidding? OK, thanks!’

Laughing about her over-zealous reaction Jodie added, “Really, really smooth. You can’t get a job like this and not be knocked sideways!”