Ruth Langsford confesses she hasn’t exercised since Strictly – but she’s determined to get back in shape

Taking part in Strictly Come Dancing often leaves celebrities in peak physical condition, given the gruelling training schedule.

But it seems Ruth Langsford has let her fitness wane a little bit since taking part in the competition – as she’s confessed in a new Instagram video that hasn’t exercised since leaving the show.

The presenter, who was paired with Anton Du Beke, posted a video of herself on the treadmill to her social media.

She then admitted, “I woke up this morning and I realised I hadn’t had this workout top on since doing Strictly.

“Which means that I haven’t done any exercise since coming out of Strictly – shh, don’t tell!”

Ruth then admitted that she was now motivated to get back into exercise, sharing that she’d noticed she’d been gaining some weight since November.

“It’s March, so I thought, I’ll get back on it, because the weight is coming back on and I don’t like it.”

She then shared that she’d roped her personal trainer, Frank, in, to help her get fit again.

“So I’ve called in Frank – Fit with Frank is here – my trainer.”

Frank is a trainer based in Weybridge, Surrey, where Ruth lives. And he’s also trained Ruth’s husband Eamonn in the past too.

Ruth also gave her fans an insight into her workout regime, which had helped her to tone up while taking part in Strictly.

She revealed, “So, we’re walking, we’re doing the garage workout. We’re walking, just for now.”

However, Frank quickly required Ruth to up the ante, asking her to start running on the treadmill instead. 57-year-old Ruth confessed she wasn’t keen however, admitting, “Oh I hate running, you know I hate running!”

But determined Ruth wasn’t about to give up, as she told herself, “Okay, I can do this!”

She also shared a workout niggle that likely affects a lot of us, admitting that she could feel her stomach wobbling as she began running…

It seems Ruth’s exercise struggles certainly resonated with her 563,000 followers, with many sharing motivational messages, or their own fitness battle.

One wrote, “Send some motivation my way ruth!”, while another said, “Well done – you brilliant”.

Ruth has also shared her healthy recipes in the past, sharing how she maintains a good diet.

In an Instagram video, she revealed her daily breakfast, consisting of a healthy green juice, boiled eggs, tomatoes, and some sliced avocado.

Sometimes, Ruth switches it up with a tasty omelette.

She often posts videos of herself cooking dinner too – and the recipes look as delicious as they are good for you.

For those who asked….this is how dinner turned out! #chicken #traybake #dinner

A post shared by Ruth Langsford (@ruthlangsford) on

Ruth recently posted a video of a yummy looking chicken stew, and a similar looking chicken bake.

Dinner done! #cooking #Monday #dinner #chicken

A post shared by Ruth Langsford (@ruthlangsford) on

Ruth’s exercise and diet regime is certainly providing us with all the healthy inspiration we need.

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