Ruth Langsford reveals why she didn’t take husband Eamonn’s last name

Ruth and Eamonn are two of the UK's best known TV presenters - but despite their off-screen marriage, fans will have noticed that Ruth still goes by her maiden name, Ruth Langsford.

And on Friday's episode of This Morning, husband Eamonn Holmes decided to address the fact, by poking fun at Ruth for not taking his last name.

Speaking in to the camera, he said, "Hello folks wherever you're watching from. This is your Friday This Morning with that well known husband and wife team Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford-Holmes."

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Ruth quickly chipped in, asking, "Or is it Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes?"

Which prompted Eamonn to question, "I've noticed that Kim Kardashian has got Kim Kardashian West. Why are you not Ruth Langsford-Holmes?"

Eamonn proceeded to look probingly at his wife - although mum-of-one Ruth simply giggled at her husband's question.


She went on to jokingly confess that the reason she had chosen not to take Eamonn's last name, was that the two of their surnames together would prove 'a bit of a mouthful'.

Ruth admitted, "It's a bit of a mouthful isn't it? Langsford is a bit of a mouthful on its own. I'm an independent woman."

However, Eamonn bit back, joking, "If anyone's got the mouth for it it's you darling,"

Professionally, Ruth has continued to go by her own name, Ruth Langsford, since their marriage in 2010. However, it remains unclear whether or not the former Strictly star has taken Eamonn's last name, or opted for a double-barrel surname, in her private life.

During the rest of Friday's programme, the pair joked about the personality traits that would ruin a relationship for them.

The couple were speaking to dating expert Matthew Hussie, who revealed that people can often spot the reason they will eventually end things with a person in the first week of getting together.

Eamonn then attempted to pinpoint Ruth's main pet peeve. He said, “For you the biggest sin is being boring.

“You could date someone ugly, but if they’re boring…”

Ruth then slyly suggested that that's likely the case for her with Eamonn, joking, saying, "Well..."


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