Rob Brydon interview

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  • What memories make you feel proudest? When I got my big break in 2000 for Marion and Geoff, I was 35. I’d worked in showbiz for 15 years, scrabbling away on the lower rungs, sometimes slipping off those rungs. I was in debt most of the time and getting rejection after rejection. So, I’m proudest of not giving up.

    My loves Oysters. I get a disproportionate sense of achievement from the fact that I’ve mastered them!

    Rugby. It’s great seeing Wales play at the Millennium stadium.

    Bruce Springsteen. When you’re touring, it’s hard to have the same energy every night, but Springsteen comes on stage with such intensity, and looks like it means everything to him.

    Apple computers. I’ve got so much of their stuff – the Mac Book, iPhone, iPods, iPad… I love the way they’re made.

    My hates Motorway service stations. There are always too many people, and most of them are queuing for the toilets. There’s also a lot of dreadful food.

    Live TV. I don’t often get nervous when I’m performing, but if it’s a new live show, I get that awful feeling in my stomach.

    The Jeremy Kyle Show. I will watch it for character research, and it’s fascinating. But after watching it, I feel like I need a wash!

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