Has Rihanna’s ‘tribute’ to the Queen gone too far?

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  • Just two days after the Queen celebrated her 91st birthday, Barbadian pop star Rihanna posted some questionable photographs of the Queen on her Instagram account. 

    The pop star regularly courts controversy, making headlines with her shocking image changes, but her latest move was too much for some Instagram users. 

    The photos uploaded to Rihanna’s account show the Queen’s head photoshopped onto Rihanna’s body. Highlights include the Queen dressed in Rihanna’s jewelled Coachella outfit while another has the Queen dressed all in green with thigh high boots and a fur coat. 

    [Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BTMdG9bjNK6/?hl=en [/Instagram]

    The singer changed the caption on the Coachella photo after her mum said the Queen would not be happy. The new caption is “UPDATE: Mumz said she won’t too happy bout this post so I had to edit *insert appropriate Gucci Mane lyrics here*”  

    With over 50 million followers on Instagram, it is unsurprising the pictures have gone viral.

    [Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BTMbnL1jYpj/?hl=en [/Instagram]  

    This photo shows the Queen’s head on Rihanna’s body dressed all in green. The photo captioned “be humble” shows Rihanna’s body draped in a green fur coat and thigh high boots. It led one user to comment: “humble? how can you preach us to be humble while you show disrespect to the queen?!”

    Some fans were amused by the images. One said: “I don’t know why I find this so funny!!!” Another added: “This funny AF to me”.

    Others were quick to call the Barbadian singer disrespectful. One fan said: “This is SO disrespectful” while another added: “This is not funny”.

    Another user said: “Rihanna is craving attention I suppose. The queen is 91 and deserves respect… well it’s not on an it’s disrespectful there are other ways to use your platform she could at least channel her energy to do good!… I’m blown away with this!”

    [instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BTMbz6rjGrs/?hl=en [/instagram]

    This photo shows the Queen’s head photoshopped onto Rihanna’s recent attention grabbing look. The pop star wore a red fur heart coat by Saint Laurent over denim shorts and black high heels. Although some users viewed the pictures as Rihanna’s unique tribute to the Queen’s birthday, others thought it was inappropriate.  

    [instagram] https://www.instagram.com/p/BTMygs8jZaa/?taken-by=badgalriri&hl=en [/instagram]  

    This photo of the Queen is captioned: “it’s not that deep”. It shows the Queen’s face on one of Rihanna’s recent shots for Paper magazine. The caption is potentially a response to the criticism she has received. 

    Do you think the posts are disrespectful? The palace hasn’t responded to the images but they are likely to have seen them given the timing. The Queen celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday and the photos were posted on Sunday. Her Majesty’s celebrations were more private than last year but it was still marked by the traditional 41-gun salute in Hyde Park.  

    The Queen continued her birthday celebrations on Saturday as she attended Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire. Her horse “Call to Mind” won at the Dubai Duty Free Spring Trials. Her Majesty regularly attends the races and has enjoyed several wins in the past. 

    Rihanna’s latest posts might make her relationship with the Royals turn sour. Last year her and Prince Harry hit it off at an event to mark Barbados’s 50 years of independence. The pair also joined forces to mark World Aids Day and took a suprise HIV test together to raise awareness.

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