Is Princess Charlotte Destined To Be A Ballerina?

w&h’s astrologer, Penny Thornton forecasts what the future holds for our youngest royal. One thing’s for certain, her silver spoon is sprinkled with fairy dust…

‘She may have waited to make her entrance but when she did it was with impeccable timing – at precisely 8:34 on the morning of the 2nd of May.

Princess Charlotte came into the world with the Sun in Taurus. But what gives this little princess her special advantage in life is the position of Venus, which had just risen over the Ascendant in Cancer. Beauty, grace and charm are just three of the blessings endowed by this planet, and with the Moon in the equally attractive and gracious sign of Libra, and in perfect harmony with Venus, her silver spoon is sprinkled with fairy dust.

Mercury in its own sign of Gemini ensures she will be intelligent, curious, and out-going but also critical and argumentative. She may talk early and reach her developmental milestones ahead of time. Fortunately, her prickly side is softened by the presence of spiritual Neptune on her Mid-heaven. It is this astrological factor that will spark an interest in the healing arts and the arts per se (shades of Grandma Diana here).

Charlotte shares her Taurus sun sign with her great grandmother, the Queen. But this is the only astrological detail she has in common with Her Majesty. In most other respects she is entirely different, although I can see them hooting with laughter over an amusing incident and sharing a sharp sense of humour.

Do you really need me as astrologer to tell you that she is going to be the apple of her parents’ eyes? She has especially loving links with William – her Ascendant is on his Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer – and her big brother, George. She also shares a configuration with George that suggests the family will experience considerable change in the years to come.

We can’t talk about Taurus without mentioning the word stubborn. This sign is renowned for sticking to its guns, and once that sweet little foot of Charlotte’s goes down, that’s pretty much it.  
Many great beauties have their Sun in Taurus, and this sign is common in the world of ballet. Margot Fonteyn, Shirley Maclaine, Audrey Hepburn, Darcey Bussell and Natalia Osipova are just a handful of famous and beautiful Taurean dancers.

Could Princess Charlotte follow in their footsteps? It is a bit of a stretch to see a member of the royal family in the Royal Ballet Company – plus she could be a tad too tall – but she should have a great love of ballet, music, painting and sculpture. Quite the culture vulture of family Cambridge.
As it is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is destined to enchant us from day one – she will have a fascinating life and leave an important legacy.’

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