Prince William and Kate Middleton 'risk wrath' of Princess Anne by 'breaking royal protocol' in Scarborough

The Prince and Princess of Wales 'risk wrath' of Princess Anne following their appearance at royal engagements earlier in the month, a royal expert says

Prince William and Kate Middleton 'risk wrath' of Princess Anne by 'breaking royal protocol' in Scarborough
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A royal expert has claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton 'risk wrath' of Princess Anne, as it is suggested that the Princess Royal is not impressed with their recent antics.

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Scarborough on Thursday, November 3, 2022. While attending this event, the royal couple chatted with the crowd and had some adorable interactions with some royal fans. 

Kate Middleton

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As a member of the public joked that she had missed her hair appointment in order to see the royals, Kate Middleton complimented the royal fan on her hair in the sweetest way. Kate also joked 'I'm not going to steal your crisps!' as she chatted with a young royal fan who was delighted to meet a real-life Princess, but was nervous that she was going to nick a crisp from his packet as she leaned in to say hello. 

While much of the royal couple's interaction with the crowd has been celebrated by the public, some royal commentators have suggested that the Prince and Princess' informality with the crowd will have ruffled some feathers within the Royal Family. 

Kate Middleton

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"Could the brand new Prince and Princess of Wales have offended the Princess Royal?" asked Neil Sean on his YouTube show, Neil Sean's Daily Headline News. 

"Princess Anne is not too keen on breaking royal protocol. She comes from an era where the protocol was incredibly important," explained the expert.

Sean explained that the Princess Royal is from a different age of royalty and struggles with the modern way of chatting with fans, particularly when it comes to taking selfies. "While she has had to adapt in the modern age, she told me once that she couldn't understand why people wanted to film events on their phones, rather than being in the moment.

Sean added, "The Prince and Princess of Wales have taken it a step further by posing for a number of selfies. This is not something the late Queen or the Princess Royal are keen on."

"On a visit to Scarborough, they seemingly broke royal protocol. They agreed to have numerous selfies with people in the crowd," said the expert. "One man even put her arm around Catherine. This would not have happened a few years ago."

Kate Middleton

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The royal insider concluded by saying that this approach from the new Prince and Princess of Wales isn't changing anytime soon as the royal couple welcomes a new age of modern royalty. 

"Sources in the Palace tell me that this is simply the way that William and Catherine want to run things – that it's about reaching out to the people who have come to see them. According to Anne, she simply just does not get it," said the expert.

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