The Powerful Way Prince Harry Will Follow In Princess Diana’s Footsteps

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  • Princess Diana was well-known for supporting important causes and not being afraid to speak out on controversial issues.

    And her son Prince Harry will soon follow in her philanthropic footsteps, as he begins a bid to rid the world of dangerous landmines by 2025.

    On Tuesday 4th April, the Prince is expected to give a speech in Kensington Palace in order to launch the campaign, and in order to mark International Mine Awareness Day.

    The issue of landmines and the dangers they cause is clearly a cause close to the young royal’s heart, as his late mother was famously fierce in her campaign against the use of landmines. In the months before her untimely death in 1997, she went on a visit to minefield sites and people who had been victims of them in Bosnia and Angola.

    In his keynote speech, the Prince is also expected to pay tribute to his mother and her work, especially poignant given that 2017 marks the 20th year since her death.

    (Princess Diana visiting a landmine in Angola)

    It’s not the first time Harry has stepped out to support the cause. Again, like his mother, he has also made trips abroad to places containing minefields. Now, the Prince is also a patron of the HALO trust, a charity supporting mine clearance and other weapons of war around the world.

    A Kensington Palace spokesman said, “Prince Harry is pleased to have this moment to recognise the significant contribution his mother made in this field, the progress which has been made by MAG (Mines Advisory Group), HALO, the UK government and other organisations, and the opportunity to continue raising awareness of making the world landmine-free by 2025.”

    Prince William and Prince Harry have continued to support many of the causes that Princess Diana championed. Both of the young princes went along with their mum to AIDS/HIV centres when she visited them back in 1995, and now regularly speak out for LGBTQ equality.

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