Prince Harry Introduces Girlfriend Meghan Markle To The Queen

Although rumours had flown for months that a meeting between the Queen and Prince Harry’s girlfriend was imminent, it seems that the pair have only just met – at a discreet tea party at Buckingham Palace.

The Daily Mail reports that the much-awaited meeting between the monarch and Meghan Markle occurred on Thursday 12th October, just two days after the Queen had returned from Balmoral.

It’s alleged that the couple were swiftly taken from a blacked-out car at the gates of the palace up to the Queen’s sitting room at around 5pm for afternoon tea – one of the Queen’s reported favourite activities.

Reportedly, the meeting was purposely informal, in order to ensure that Meghan felt comfortable and to ease her inevitable nerves. The three apparently sat down for afternoon tea consisting of sandwiches, scones, and of course, tea.

Harry, Meghan and the Queen are said to have spent an hour chatting – how we’d love to have been a fly on that wall…

It’s reported that Prince Philip was not present at the meeting.

The discreet visit comes just a month after Harry and Meghan made their first public debut at the Invictus Games in Toronto, 18 months after they had started dating.

Reportedly, ‘insiders’ say that Harry took to Balmoral over the summer to ask his grandmother if he could formally introduce Meghan to her.

It’s reported that the Queen is one of the final members of the royal family Meghan had left to meet. According to sources, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall met Meghan some months ago, and expressed their opinions that she was a “very nice girl”.

The meeting has only heightened rumours that the couple are imminently on track to make an official engagement some time before Christmas. It’s said that all royals who are within sixth in line to take the throne are required to ask the monarch’s permission before getting married – so could that have been what Meghan and Harry were doing at Buckingham Palace?