How The School Run Will Keep Prince George ‘Normal’

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  • The Duke and Duchess have regularly said that, despite their children’s far-from-average lives, they want to maintain as normal a home life as possible for them. And it appears that the couple hope to continue doing so when George starts at his new prep school in the autumn.

    It was recently revealed that Prince George would attend Thomas’ Battersea School come the new school term in September, following the families move back down to London from Norfolk.

    It was noted at the time that Catherine and Prince William had broken from royal tradition in sending George to the South London school, as it meant he wouldn’t follow in his father’s and uncle’s footsteps to attend Wetherby school in Notting Hill.

    And it seems that along with sending him to a school that isn’t royal custom, the couple are keen to continue to make George’s school life as normal as is possible. How? Apparently, the pair plan on doing the school run themselves, every day. Catherine and Prince William are said to be planning on doing alternate days between them, leaving time for official engagements.

    (Thomas’ Battersea, where Catherine and William plan to meet George and the school gates)

    The Duchess of Cambridge already made reference to the fact that she would be putting in an appearance at the school, at an event at the National Portrait Gallery in March. Whilst there, she bumped in to parents who already have children at the school, and said, “I may see you at the school gates!” So it seems the Duchess is keen to stick to her word…

    According to the Daily Mail though, the pair do realise the excitement their appearance at the school may cause. The source said, “They are very hands-on parents and although they acknowledge that it might cause a bit of a buzz to start with, they are hopeful it will soon settle down.

    “It’s very important to both of them that George enjoys as normal a childhood as possible, particularly as he settles into a new school, and for them this includes dropping him off at the school gates.”

    Another source said, “Kate wants George – and later Charlotte – to have the same school experience that she did as a child. Both she and William very much agree on this and think George will be very, very happy there.”

    However, perhaps unlike other parents at the school, when Catherine and William can’t drop off or pick George up, they’ll always have the help of their nanny, Maria Theresa Turrion Borrallo. Maria has been with the family since George was born back in 2013.

    Prince William also recently revealed how he plans to keep his children’s mental health in check too, as they grow up. In light of his brother’s recent admission about his struggles with his mental health, William has spoken about how he wants his children to be able to express their feelings. In a video chat with pop star Lady Gaga, he said that he wants George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk openly and honestly about their emotions and feelings.

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