The Adorable Way Prince George Spent Pancake Day

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  • On 28th February, the Duchess of Cambridge made a trip to a children’s hospital in London to visit the patients and families who use their new ‘home away from home’ accommodation service.

    And while there, Catherine revealed the adorable way that Prince George spent everyone’s favourite day, pancake day – even though he wasn’t able to spend it with his mum.

    During a tour of the accomodation’s kitchen, where the children were decorating pancakes for the exciting day, a four-year-old boy, James Wheeler, seemed to be curious about where her young son was. He stopped the Duchess to ask, “Where’s George today?”

    Catherine kindly replied, “George? I should have brought him.” And revealed, “He’s at his Montessori school today making pancakes.”

    And the young boy made sure to warn the Duchess that she ought not to leave George at nursery for too long, saying “There’s a thunderstorm coming!”

    However, Catherine reassured James, whose brother is in intensive care at the hospital, that she was well aware of the impending weather. She replied, “Yes I know all about those.” She also revealed that her young son wasn’t afraid, saying “George likes storms too!”

    The young Prince George is having a bit of a busy time at the moment. It was revealed that he’d soon be leaving his Montessori nursery school come the new school year, to attend the £6,500 a term Wetherby School in London. It is famously the same school Prince William and Prince Harry attended, so it’s certainly got the royal seal of approval.

    The move will follow the Cambridges’ planned relocation back to the capital this year, so that they can step up their royal duties.

    The three-year-old has also been busy getting acquainted with some of the newer members of the family – namely, his uncle Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle. The actress reportedly met George and younger sister Princess Charlotte at their home Anmer Hall recently – and the Prince was said to be more than a little bit nervous.

    A royal insider revealed that George was “totally tounge-tied”, before warming up to Meghan and becoming his usual, chatterbox self. 

    Apparently the foursome, Harry, George, Charlotte and Meghan, all took a walk around the gardens of the royal abode, before settling down to some tea and biscuits.

    And clearly the youngest royals did a good job of winning Meghan over. The insider revealed, “Meghan was totally taken with the children. She was playing with them, mucking around and did silly voices and impressions.”

    Looks like the actress will be ready to babysit the royal children in no time!

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