The New Royal Biography Set To Ruffle Palace Feathers

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  • A controversial new book is set to be released about the life of Prince Charles – and if its rumoured contents are anything to go by, it looks as though it’ll certainly ruffle a few feathers in the royal family once it’s released on April 4th.

    ‘Prince Charles – The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life’
    , penned by famed royal biographer Sally Bedell-Smith, will take a look at the ups and downs of the heir’s life – including his tumultuous marriage to Diana and relationship with Camilla.

    The book contains lots of controversial and damning claims about the union. According to Bedell-Smith, the Prince only asked Diana for her hand in marriage following letters from his father Prince Philip, urging him to finally propose because “her reputation was on the line”.

    Apparently, letters were a typical way for father and son to converse, and the letters left him “panicked” that his hesitancy to ask her to marry him may be harming Diana.

    According to family friend Pamela Hicks, Charles “wasn’t in love, he wasn’t ready….psychologically he assumed his father bullied him, so he read it as a bullying letter”.

    The book also claims that Charles was really keen to embark on a relationship with Camilla (his now wife) all along – but says she was unavailable to him, having been married previously to Andrew Parker Bowles.

    Bedell-Smith states that Camilla was the real love of Charles’ life, but that he couldn’t marry her, because she was “not virginal enough for royal custom”, having been married before.

    According to Bedell-Smith, “In 1980 – more than a decade after the sexual revolution had started – he was hemmed in by the royal custom of marrying a virgin, or at least a woman who seemed virginal.

    “He was forced, in effect, to rob the cradle….the 12 year gap between Charles and Diana was essentially unbridgeable.

    “They had no intellectual connections, few mutual friends, no interests in common and none of the shared life experiences he would have had with a contemporary.”

    (Princess Diana and Prince Charles on a trip to South Korea in 1992, amid rumours of a rift in their marriage)

    And apparently, he felt Camilla was a much better fit for him, as the two had similar interests, upbringings, and she “always listened to him”.

    The controversial book also reveals a few details about the Prince, and apparently, how rigid and strict he can be. The book claims that Charles had very strict eating habits, and had the same breakfast every day – a handful of specially mixed wheat germ and cereal grains, honey and preserves on a silver tray, plus some fruit and tea.

    Apparently, Charles’ favourite dinner was also a soft boiled egg and salad, although he rarely ate lunch. Bedell-Smith’s book also states that his butlers would often mix him a dry martini, his favourite drink, but if he was on the road his royal protection officer would carry the ingredients for it in a special carry-on.

    And it sounds like he was incredibly specific about his food even when he want to visit friends. The book says that Charles would also bring his own chef to cook his meals, even if he was going to an event at a friend’s house.

    The book will also cover Prince Charles’ “lonely childhood”, his difficult school years, and his present day relationships with his children Prince William and Harry, his daughter-in-law Catherine, and his granddchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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