The Photo Of Trump That Sums Up Why 3 Million People Marched

Women’s rights activists around the world have been left in despair, as it’s revealed that President Donald Trump has signed the abortion gag rule – just
days after a series of inspiring marches around the world took place
protesting for women’s rights.

The gag rule will ban US groups around the world from discussing abortion or providing abortion services.

Amongst the causes people were protesting for during the Women’s March
was abortion access – something many suspect will now be severely
limited. It has also prompted fears that an increase in unsafe and illegal abortions
will follow.

And the picture below of Trump signing the reinstatement directive perfectly illustrates why over three million men and women around the
globe marched
– to avoid a group of white men making extreme decisions
concerning women and their bodies. In the picture, President Trump is joined by Vice-President Mike Pence and fellow members of his administration.

President Obama actually lifted the rule when he came into office in 2009, but it was officially created by the 40th President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

So what has the world had to say about the newest development in Trump’s presidency? Celebrities and influential women around the world have taken to social media to offer up their opinions…

J. K. Rowling made it clear that she didn’t agree with the President’s latest ruling..[twitter][/twitter] [twitter][/twitter] [twitter][/twitter]

And although Hillary Clinton didn’t directly comment on the gag rule, she did tweet a message of support for Trump’s protestors… [twitter][/twitter]

Founder of the Gender Equality Network Cerian Jenkins has also offered up her opinion of the reprecussions of the rule…[twitter][/twitter]

While prominent US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has vowed to help undo the rule…[twitter][/twitter] [twitter][/twitter]

Activists are calling the reinstatement of the gag rule the first casualty of Trump’s presidency. So what will happen next? Only time will tell…