Piers Morgan makes rare TV blunder as he arrives late to GMB

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  • Most of us will have had that moment at work, arriving just seconds before your official start time.

    With stressful and delayed commutes, unreliable alarms and our collective tiredness when it gets to winter, it’s no surprise that getting to work on time can be a tricky business.

    And it seems that not even celebrities are immune to this every day frustration – as Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan turned up late to the show this morning (Tuesday).

    As he and Susanna Reid kicked off the breakfast programme at 6am, she was keen to inform viewers that her controversial co-host almost didn’t make it in time.

    She revealed, on air, “So with four seconds to on air, this was the scene in the studio”, before the show cut to a clip of Piers being mic’d up and tucking in his shirt seconds before its 6am start.

    The 53-year-old certainly looked a little stressed as he arrived at the studio, before hurrying over to join Susanna, Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Arnold at the desk.

    The on-screen foursome laughed as they watched the footage back, with Charlotte saying, “Talk about last minute!”

    Piers then attempted to justify his late arrival, telling viewers, “I’ve never missed a plane, never missed an on air time. I was in make-up having a good old chat with the make-up artist.”

    And revealing what the conversation was that made him late, he said, “We were having this great conversation and I asked, ‘Do you ever feel like a great artist, like Da Vinci, when you’re painting this canvas? (pointing to his face)

    “She just stared at me, and didn’t say anything!”

    We think we’d be left pretty speechless by that comment too Piers…

    Viewers of the popular morning show were left in stitches by the funny moment – with others even poking fun at Piers’ reasons for being late. One commented, ‘Absolutely brilliant 😂😂.’

    While another joked, ‘In fairness Piers always looks like he has taken 4 seconds to get ready.’ And a third suggested, ‘It’s called making an entrance…’

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