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Peter André Behind The Scenes On Strictly Come Dancing

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  • Singer and TV Star Peter Andre, 42, lives in West Sussex with his
    wife, Emily MacDonagh, and their one-year-old daughter, Amelia. He has
    two children, Junior, ten, and Princess, eight, from his previous
    marriage to Katie Price. Peter’s dance partner is Janette Manrara.

    Why did you choose to do Strictly?

    I wanted to do the show for a while but I was scared of making a fool of myself. Then I just thought, “You’ve made a fool of yourself so many times already, what does it matter!”

    What do you find most difficult about doing Strictly?

    I’m very clumsy and am always tripping over. So before I started, my kids said to me, “Whatever happens Dad, please don’t fall over.”

    What is your pre-show confidence trick?

    To have a single espresso and a piece of chocolate half an hour before the show – it’s a great energy boost!

    How did you feel about wearing sequins?

    I usually dress head to toe in black so I was slightly anxious about all the bright pink sparkly shirts. But the wardrobe department are brilliant and know what works for each dance. I’ve loved the costumes so far.

    What is your Strictly secret?

    I don’t wear any pants when I’m dancing! The shirts we wear are held in place with poppers, a bit like a leotard. If you wear boxer shorts with them it’s uncomfortable so I take them off. It’s certainly caused a few embarrassing moments in the dressing room.

    Who is your Favourite judge?

    I can’t choose one. Darvey has an incredible warmth to her, Bruno’s crazy, Len is an icon and Craig is not as scary as he seems. They’re all dance experts so you respect what they say.

    What was your wedding dance?

    It was to Songbird by Eva Cassidy and Emily found it really embarrassing. We didn’t learn any special steps, so just swayed around looking into each other’s eyes. I remember saying to her, “Are you waiting for this to be over?” and her replying, “Yes – is everyone still staring?” And the song went on and on…

    What is your earliest Christmas memory?

    I grew up in Australia so it was all about eating cold turkey on the beach! But I
    much prefer the more traditional Christmas I have now with my kids. I love bringing Christmas alive for them. Last year I went to a farm where they kept reindeers and they gave me an antler that a reindeer called Rudolph had shed. The kids didn’t believe me when I said it was Rudolph’s antler, but strictly speaking I wasn’t lying!

    Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC One on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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