Outlander season 7 episode 8 ending explained - why does Rob Cameron want Jemmy and what does Arch Bug's return mean?

Outlander season 7 episode 8 was released on Friday, August 11, and surprised fans with a number of twists and turns and a shock ending

Outlander season 7 episode 8 ending explained
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Outlander season 7 episode 8, Turning Points, was released on Friday, August 11, and fans were left shocked by the mid-season finale ending which saw an old nemesis return...

The most recent episode of Outlander has been released on STARZ and Lionsgate+ and fans have been left totally shocked by this mid-season finale that has set up a lot of pretty major storylines for part 2 of season 7. But what about the big questions lingering after the last episode, what does Arch Bug's return mean? What's going to happen to Jemmy? And is William Ransom ever going to work out Jamie is his dad? Here's what we know so far, and what we predict will be revealed in season 7 part 2...


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Arch Bug is after Rachel Hunter

In the final moments of the show, Arch Bug made his return to the screen as he bumped into Rollo and Rachel Hunter on a walk - signalling the start of a very dark storyline for Ian and Rachel's blossoming love story.

Before heading to Scotland, Ian left his loyal hound Rollo with his love interest Rachel. The pair had only shared a kiss and a lot of sexual tension but Rachel was already questioning her Quaker faith in order to marry Ian, the Scottish Mohawk - so things were heating up pretty quickly! However, after running into Arch, things may not be looking so good for Rachel as he has a particularly dark plan for Ian's future wife.

In episode 3 of season 7, Ian made a crucial error as he accidentally killed Arch Bug's wife, Murdina Bug who was a housekeeper for the Fraser family at Fraser's Ridge. In a barbaric form of apology, Ian offered his own life to Arch.

Arch refused but instead asked, "Will you give me your hound to kill?" Of course, Ian said no to murdering Rollo and instead Arch said, "He's nothing but a flea-ridden beast, not a wife. When you have something worth taking, you'll see me again."

After bumping into Rachel and Rollo, Arch was quick to note that she must have a close relationship with Ian in order to be caring for his dog. While he didn't attack her then and there, this can only signal bad things to come as Arch plans to get his revenge on Ian, and vengeance for his wife's murder.


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Why has Rob Cameron taken Jemmy to the past?

In episode 7 Roger and Buck travelled to the stones at Craigh Na Dun and found Jemmy's scarf with his tufty club badge lying on the floor- suggesting he has travelled through the stones to the past with Rob Cameron. But why?

It was revealed in the mid-season finale that Rob Cameron is after the Spanish gold that Jamie Fraser hid for Bree in Roger in case of an emergency. Jamie said that only Jemmy knew the exact location where the gold was hidden as he had taken him there before in the past. 

Bree said in the episode that the gold was missing from the box "It's the gold. You said someone got into the letters so I looked and the musket ball is missing from the box. And so is one of the letters, it's the one about the Spaniard's gold!"

It was then revealed that Roger and Buck would both be returning to the past in search of Jemmy, and Roger brought Jemmy's little scarf along with him for the ride.


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At the beginning of episode 8 it was revealed that Jamie Fraser had in fact survived the battle and even had a few more fights in him. After shooting off William Ransom's hat during battle, Jamie gave him the hat off his own head as they crossed paths to say goodbye to Simon Fraser (Jamie's relative and William's superior in the army). 

William knew who Jamie was (as he remembered him and Claire from his youth) but still did not seem to have any idea that Jamie was his biological father. The chances of William working this out any time soon have also just drastically decreased seeing as Jamie, Claire, and Ian have left America and landed in Scotland at the end of the mid-season finale. 

Of course, now that the Frasers are in Scotland, they may well run into the MacKenzies, Roger and Buck, who are also in Scotland and on the hunt for Jemmy. Could a reunion be on the horizon for season 7 part 2? We hope so! There really is nothing better than the whole Fraser clan back together again!

When will Outlander season 7 episode 9 be released?

As episode 8 was the mid-season finale, fans will have to wait for a while before Outlander returns for the second part of season 7. Starz has yet to announce when exactly fans will be able to watch the second part of the season, but it is currently predicted that it will be released early in 2024.

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