Netflix secret code to help you find more true crime documentaries like Killer Sally and Texas Killing Fields – plus more secret codes you need to know about!

Netflix has 36,000 secret codes that will show you a plethora of niche, specific content, from true crime to movies directed by women

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The weather outside is starting to reach the frightful category, so it’s about time everyone stays inside where it’s delightful.

And there’s a Netflix hack that will make staying in even more so, giving you access to more of what you love without the need of scrolling for hours.

For true crime lovers who’ve recently got their fill of Killer Sally and The Texas Killing Fields and want to make sure they haven’t missed out on a hidden gem, all they need to do to see every single true crime documentary is search for four numbers.


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TikToker Laura Lindsay (@lozlinz) showed the secret code in action, posting a video on her feed, saying, "Netflix hack for all you crime bingers."

 In the clip, Laura goes onto the Search function in her Netflix account and taps in the code 9875.

"Search 9875," she explains. "Every single crime documentary.”

Mary Bertone of Netflix’s Curation and Taxonomy team explains that these codes date back to the days when Netflix was still in its DVDs-only phase – that’s why some of the more popular categories have shorter codes, they’ve been around for years.

At the time, Netflix had a public-facing genre tree that linked out to all the various types of films and TV series, each of which has its own specific ID code. A fan scraped the genre tree for all the codes, shared the list online, and people have been using those codes (along with the thousands more that have been added since) to this day.

New codes are being added all the time.

Whenever inspiration strikes, the geniuses at Netflix will group stuff together, however irreverent a category it might be (for example, 81614959 is Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon).  

As Michael Raphan, a curation strategist at Netflix, tells Tudum, a recent conversation with a colleague about the Noah Centineo-starring series The Recruit — a spy adventure with romantic subplots — prompted him to create a collection, fittingly, called Action with a Side of Romance (81647318).

The Netflix secret codes help you find all the content grouped under some very specific categories

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“Why do you choose what to watch? It could be a lot of different things — it could be something about the picture is enticing, there’s an actor that you know, you’ve heard of it somewhere else. And I think one of those things is how it’s framed, what titles are sitting around it,” explains Michael. “So putting a new thing out there that can capture someone’s attention, that’s kind of cool.”

Netflix secret codes to try out:

  • 90-Minute Rom-Coms – 81466228 (if you love Falling for Christmas, the Wedding Date and more)
  • Gal Pal TV shows – 1143288 (if you love the likes of Grace and Frankie)
  • Movies Directed by Women – 2974953 (if you love Little Women)
  • Small Town Charm – 81615585 (if you love Gilmore Girls)
  • Take a Trip Around the World – 81282911 (if you love Emily in Paris)
  • Tearjerkers – 6384 (if you love a good cry)
  • Classic Musicals – 32392 (if you love Dreamgirls)
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