Nadia Sawalha Reveals She Is Addicted To Food And How She Overcomes Emotional Eating

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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha has recently opened up about a secret personal battle she's been plagued with for years - and it's not what you might expect.

The 56-year-old TV star is always refreshingly honest about her personal battles, and is never afraid to open up about issues close to her heart.

But now, in a recent interview with Best magazine, the mum-of-two revealed that her biggest addiction is to food.

She confessed, "Some people turn to gin, I turn to food. It's what I call emotional eating. You can be addicted to anything - alcohol, sex, but people don't seem to agree that you can be addicted to food. I am happy now, but every day I meditate and exercise - I have things in place to help me stay on track."

The former actress has long been struggling to combat her issues with food, saying, "It's my favourite drug. If I was sad, lonely, nervous, I'd turn to food."

She also admitted that it wasn't until her own visit to anOvereaters Anonymous groupthat she realised the severity of her reliance on food.

Nadia said, "It wasn't until I went to Overeaters Anonymous that I realised it was a 'thing'. It doesn't mean I never binge, but it doesn't get a grip on me like it used to, because I recognise it. If you're stressed and reaching for biscuits, the worst thing you can do is give in."

Now, the TV presenter has shared how she combats her addictive feelings by implementing various coping strategies. Nadia admitted that she can't keep biscuits in the house, or she would quickly "scoff the lot", and that she now pours washing up liquid over any leftovers to make sure that she doesn't go back for more - which she admitted she recently did a lot.

The news comes soon after Nadia's husbands Mark's revelation that he had been suffering from an alcohol addiction too. Back in June, Mark took to the Loose Women screen to send his wife a message thanking her for supporting him through his struggles - which inevitably left Nadia emotional.

(Nadia with daughter Maddie)

But she's also admitted that she fears both hers and her husband's problems with addiction could mean that they pass their own issues down to their two daughters, Maddie and Kiki.

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