Nadia Sawalha Opens Up About Losing Her Teeth To Stress

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TheLoose Women panel are always incredibly open about the trials and tribulations they face in their own lives. And for a lot of viewers this is very relatable, reassuring and informative.

Nadia Sawalha recently revealed that she was battling withmenopausal hair loss, a subject that will resonate with millions of women across the UK. But, during yesterday's episode of the daytime talk show, Nadia admitted that she was also struggling with severe tooth loss caused by stress.The presenter, 52, explained that she's been diagnosed withbruxism, where excessive grinding causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. Nadia has already lost two teeth to the condition.

The revelation comes as US actress Demi Moore opened up about her own struggle with stress-related tooth loss andshared some shocking pictures.Nadia was joined by other panel members Linda Robson, Jane Moore and Martine McCutcheon to discuss Demi Moore's confession.

Nadia said: "Isympathise with [Demi]. I grind my teeth so badly, front and back and side to side. My jaw is nearly dislocated." She went on to outline the 'extreme measures' she has to take to prevent further damage. Nadiahas Botox injected into her jaw muscle every six months to prevent further tooth loss. She said: "I've already lost two teeth from grinding, and could potentially lose all my teeth".

Nadia admitted that the main cause of her tooth grinding is stress, in particular with reagrds to the ageing process. She said, "It's part of the great long list of all the blooming horrible things that happen to you after 50."

Nadia has been praised for her admission on social media.One Twitter user wrote: 'Thank you for talking about bruxism. I have it & my teeth are tiny & painful. No dentist will help me. What would you advise?'

Fellow Loose Womenpanelist Jane suggested that Nadia's condition could be genetic after Nadia revealed that her father also grinds his teeth and doesn't have many left.

Nadia replied: "Maybe that's the way that we deal with stress. I've always assumed it's just stress but if my dad's got it as well then maybe it is genetic."

According to theNHSteeth grinding and jaw clenching is commonly related to stress and anxiety. It adds that most people who grind their teeth are not aware that they are doing it, and many do it while they sleep.

It often happens during sleep or while concentrating or under stress. If you are concerned or want to find out more information head to the NHS website and for the symptoms to look out for and when to consult your GP.

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