11 Things All Mothers Of Sons Will Understand

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  • From the moment he is born, you know that you love your son unconditionally. Even when he grows up and gives you monosyllabic answers, leaves a giant mess in the living room and spends most of his time playing video games, the bond between mother and son is irreplaceable, and you know he loves you unconditionally too.

    From giving them train tracks as toddlers, dropping them off at football as children, picking them up from their first date at high school and seeing them in a suit and tie for the first time – we love our sons more than anything.

    So if you are a mother of sons, here are 11 things you will be very familiar with…

    1. The fridge never stays full for long

    Boys eat A LOT of food – and we mean A LOT. Nothing ever goes to waste, they’ll always wipe their plates clean and they’ll think everything you cook is delicious!

    2. The house is always covered in mud/dirt

    Whether it’s from football, skateboarding or rugby, little mud stains appear EVERYWHERE in your house. Sometimes you wonder how mud could have got behind the TV, but somehow, it does.

    3. You will never leave the house on time

    One common misconception is that girls take forever to get ready – and boys are much quicker. Despite having shorter hair, no makeup to wear and simpler clothes, sons will take forever to get ready – they’ll have hour-long showers and spend half an hour in front of the mirror perfecting their quiff.

    4. Bodily functions are hilarious

    You have come to terms with being disgusted at every meal time – gas and burps are their main sources of entertainment.

    5. You are very suspicious of their girlfriends

    Right from when they are little boys, you have always been the special woman in their lives who looks after them and loves them unconditionally. So when a girlfriend comes along, you naturally get a little nervous that you’re going to lose them altogether. But don’t worry – girlfriends come and go, but no-one can replace their mummy!

    6. You always have to repeat yourself

    It is proven that girls have better hearing than boys – and this seems to correlate with boys’ inherent inability to listen. Your partner is the same – they just NEVER listen, and you always have to say everything twice.

    7. All household objects are at risk of breaking

    Keeping an expensive vase in the lounge? Forget it. Their hyper mood swings and insistence of playing football in the house mean that everything is at risk of breakage.

    8. You’re constantly buying them new clothes

    Their clothes are always covered in mud and rips, not to mention the fact they seem to grow substantially taller and bigger every single day.

    9. “Put the toilet seat down” is a phrase you say all too often

    The same goes for, “get your hands our of your pants” and “no burping at the dinner table” – although these phrases are largely redundant.

    10. You have a lifetime supply of plasters stocked up

    They are always hurting themselves, and you make sure you are always prepared.

    11. There is never a dull moment

    There might be a lot of mess, and a lot of noise, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Having sons means there’s never a dull moment – there’s always a sport to play, a new sci-fi film to watch, and a girlfriend to embarrass them in front of. You love your son more than anything!

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