Meghan Markle Set To Meet Prince Harry’s Closest Friends

They’ve been dating for less than 10 months, but it seems as though Prince Harry is more serious than ever about girlfriend Meghan Markle. The couple are attending the wedding of Harry’s Eton pal, Tom Inskip and literary agent Hon Lara Hughes-Young, where Meghan will be introduced to the Prince’s full inner circle for the first time.

A source told the Daily Mail, “It is a significant step up in their relationship.” And, since Harry is apparently set to be best man at the wedding, the pair will clearly be an important part of the special day.

The Prince took off from Gatwick Airport and was spotted in premium economy on board a Virgin Atlantic flight yesterday. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Meghan will fly from her home in Toronto – on a private jet nonetheless.


(Prince Harry and Tom Inskip)

It’s thought that Prince Harry and best friend Tom bring out the mischievous side in each other. Tom was part of the group that accompanied Harry on his notorious trip to Las Vegas, and the pair were famously spotted throwing snowballs off a roof in Switzerland back in 2011.

The wedding will take place at the Round Hill Hotel and Villas, a palatial resort reserved for the rich and famous. The luxury hotel also houses a limited number of deluxe pool-side villas, costing upwards of £1,600, which is where Prince Harry and Meghan are expected to stay.

(Montego Bay)

Sources told the Daily Mail that the resort had been shut to all staff except security
guards, who have all been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

And the wedding seems set to be one huge party, with celebrations taking place over the course of three days, and Usain Bolt even rumoured to be attending.