Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to homeowners who risk £1,000 fine if they don’t do this

Money expert Martin Lewis has urged homeowners to look out for a form most people consider to be ‘junk’ – as you could be fined £1,000 if you don’t complete it.

Speaking on BBC5 live radio, Martin explained that most people should receive a housing enquiry form around this time of year, asking if they have the right information about the people living in the house who are registered to vote.

He said: “Many people between July and November get sent a Household Enquiry form.

“This is a form from the council right across the country. It’s effectively asking you to check whether the right people in your household are registered to vote.”

Revealing what could happen when if the form isn’t completed, he added: “Now if you don’t deal with that properly - check and tell them the difference - there can be a thousand pound fine.

"It’s rare but the problem with this form is that I always think it looks like junk mail.”

Martin advises people to watch out for their Household enquiry form, which is not to be confused with The Open Register – a separate document to let companies know if they market to you.

"This is just a note that if you get the Household enquiry form or you’ve got it or you’ve had it and you’ve thrown it away, you do need to check that it’s right.

“People often get confused and think that they get junk mail because they’re on the electoral register. Now there’s a separate thing called The Open Register, where companies can market to you.

“You can opt out of the Open Register. It will not affect your credit file and you won’t get the junk mail, but you will still be registered to vote.”

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Mariana Cerqueira
Mariana Cerqueira

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