Is This The Marks & Spencer Dress We’ll All Be Buying Next Year?

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  • Marks & Spencer rarely fails to hit the fashion mark, but recently, the retailer has been hitting all the right notes in the sartorial stakes.

    A host of TV presenters have recently been spotted wearing their creations, and their £45 constellation dress has caused a frenzy with customers recently after it was so popular, it repeatedly sold out.

    And it seems their new Spring/Summer collection is going down just as well with customers.

    Their new pastel-inspired range debuted at a recent press preview, although the items are not yet available in stores.

    And it seems one item has completely captured the attention of customers already. M&S’s new pastel pink dress, revealed for the first time in the sneak-peak preview, is already sending fashion fans wild.

    Hundreds have already commented on Instagram post the brand shared off the ruched maxi-dress, with many stating how they can’t wait to get their hands on it when it’s released.


    One wrote, “Absolutely love!!!!!”, while another said, “Omg I need this!!!”

    Another social media user wrote, “Oh! My! God! Dress of my dreams 😍”, while a fourth said, “I need this in my life !! 😍😍”

    Other were desparate to find out when the maxi dress, which features some fashion-forward flared sleeves, would be going on sale.

    “When is this available please ?! It’s absolutely beautiful 💕💕”.

    So far, the post has gathered over 1,250 likes on Instagram.

    But the dress isn’t the only item that’s proven popular in M&S’s new collection. Fashion fans and industry insiders have also been going crazy over a £259 leather khaki jacket from the brand.


    The item, which is reversible, has been praised all over social media, with one fan writing, “This jacket is fabulous”, and another saying, “Great look 😍Beautiful”.

    Marks & Spencer’s new Spring/Summer collection will be released in February 2018. The range is full of muted, pastel colours and chic flowing dresses and skirts.

    Plus, there’s plenty of exciting floral prints and silk blouses, if you’re looking for a feminine touch for your wardrobe next year.

    Will you be picking up any of the new items?

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