Madonna reveals sex obsession, greatest regrets, and what makes her feel powerful during new video

Madonna's 50 questions video reveals what really makes her tick- sex! The star delves into her deepest secrets in candid chat...

Madonna performs onstage during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Madonna's 50 questions video reveals her current obsession - sex. As well as that she opens up about other revealing topics like her exes, how she maintains her creativity, and the one thing she's learned from her life so far.

Just when you thought Madonna's new music video was the hottest bit of footage you'd seen in a while, this latest video, titled Finally Enough Talk: 50 Questions with Madonna, dropped. The video sees the 64-year-old legend answer 50 questions from her devoted fans in celebration of her latest release Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones. 

Awkwardly for her ex-husbands Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn she admits that marriage, “both times,” is a decision that, “maybe wasn’t the best idea." During the interview, the saucy star also says that her current favorite obsession is sex and lays bare the fact that in another lifetime if she hadn't been a superstar, she'd have been a teacher instead.

Of course, stardom was her destiny and with almost five decades in the showbiz industry, she's still making incredibly creative moves. During the video, she's asked how she continues to find inspiration in a world that has changed so much from when she began. A world that saw Madonna's cheeky bum flash nearly ruin her career. The megastar sagely says, "if you're a curious person and you're paying attention to life you'll never stop being inspired."

It's no surprise, in light of the exciting life she's led thus far that the upcoming Madonna biopic, which saw Julia Garner cast as Madonna according to reports, will be a juicy watch. As the film is still in production and merely a twinkle in the eyes of its creators, it's unknown how much will be revealed but according to the star - it's difficult to whittle down stories from her fascinating life. Or at least that's the claim made during Madonna's 50 questions video, when the star says that the toughest part of making a movie about her life is getting it all into a feature-length piece.

Blonde Ambition Tour, Madonna, Feyenoord Stadion, De Kuip, Rotterdam, Holland, 24/07/1990. She is wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra corset.

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This inspiration is crystal clear and unafraid of staying relevant, the star regularly updates everything from her style to her music, to the creative medium she's channeling. Examples like Madonna's new hair and Madonna's new look are often steamrolled by other more dramatic developments.

Just recently Madonna released 3D versions of her vagina in NFT and a live feed on her social media saw Madonna banned from Instagram Live. Ever the controversial figure, and well-versed in splitting opinion as she is, even some of her most loyal fans were shocked when Madonna flashed her thong on TikTok

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