Louis Theroux 'Forbidden America'—new documentary a deep dive into controversial US culture

Louis Theroux 'Forbidden America' sees the British documentary maker go explore the most controversial corners of America

Louis Theroux 'Forbidden America' documentary series on BBC.
(Image credit: BBC)

Louis Theroux Forbidden America docuseries is hitting our screens and as any fan of his shows know, this new series is likely to have viewers hooked from the get-go.

It feels like only yesterday that Louis Theroux posed shirtless and sweaty in a 'thirst trap’ photo, sending fans into a frenzy. The British documentarian obviously isn't done sending his fans wild, if his brand new series is anything to go by.

After Louis Theroux announced a new Tiger King documentary, fans may have thought he'd be taking a break from filming in the US. However, his new show sees him travel the length and breadth of the country. 

During the three-part series, he meets people who are shaping the world and minds of their followers from small corners of the US. As Louis himself put it in an article for the Guardian, "Now we face a chorus of maverick voices – some hateful, some benign, all of them disruptive, and no longer confined to trailers in Montana."

The purpose of his trip is to explore the impact of social media and the internet on some of the most controversial corners of American society.

This includes far-right activists who proudly peddle hateful, antisemitic, homophobic, and racist ideologies; rappers who commodify their OTT lifestyle; and adult performers who earn money via subscription-based social media accounts.

Speaking to The Independent Louis revealed that the three-part series was 'tough to make', and features, "scenes and confrontations that are shocking and upsetting."

Louis Theroux 'Forbidden America' documentary series on BBC

(Image credit: BBC)

How to watch Louis Theroux Forbidden America

UK based viewers can watch the show on BBC Two at 9pm on Sunday, February 13. They can also watch it live on BBC iPlayer live and on catch up after it's aired.

Its premier features the latest incarnation of the US' all too prevalent far-right movement, including supporters of the January 6 riots, and who proudly preach hate speech via their social media platforms.

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