The One Important Thing Everyone Wants You To Know About Voting Today

Today, on June 8th, thousands of UK residents will arrive at polling stations up and down the country to cast their vote in the general election.

After acting as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for 331 days following David Cameron’s resignation after the Brexit vote, Theresa May will discover in the next 24 hours if her decision to call a snap election back in April was the right move for the Conservative Party.

Following nearly two months of intensive campaigning, party leaders will await the result of the general election late tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning as British citizens cast their votes until as late as 10pm tonight, at which point polling stations will close.

Regardless of your political views or which way you are voting today, there is one important thing that people are urging those eligible to vote to remember today: you do not need your polling card to vote.

As long as you are registered to vote, then you can still vote today even if you have misplaced your polling card.

Lost polling card? No problem – you can still vote. Here’s how:

If you have lost your polling card, simply visit and then enter your postcode. This will tell you where you are supposed to vote, as it is not possible to just turn up to any polling station and cast your ballot.

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm today, Thursday 8th June.

Good Morning Britain Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis opening his segment on this morning’s show by urging viewers to still go and vote even if they have misplaced their polling card or have a lost polling card.

He also took to twitter ahead of the show to emphasises the point, “YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR POLLING CARD TO VOTE!” he wrote. “Just go to your polling station – don’t be wrongly put off. Please spread the word.”