Lorraine Kelly reveals ‘therapeutic’ hobby getting her through lockdown

Lorraine Kelly has turned her hand to gardening to keep herself busy during lockdown.

The TV star revealed she’s been getting out in the garden and ever her dog Angus has got on board with her new hobby.

During a mini-series called “Loraine on Lockdown” on Instagram she confessed, “One of the things about staying at home which has been quite good is doing things like weeding and doing the garden and stuff like that.

“All those jobs that you usually put off. So I’ve been doing a bit of weeding and obviously I’ve got a fantastic helper in Angus.”

While she’s turned into a bit of a keen gardener, Lorraine, 60, isn’t always sure she’s doing it right.

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“Sometimes I worry that I’m actually digging up nice plants and leaving weeds. But it’s really therapeutic. It’s actually really good,” she confessed.

With the country on “lockdown” due to the coronavirus crisis, it’s left Lorraine, and many others, feeling out of control. And hobbies like gardening are helping Lorraine keep occupied.

She explained, “Because we don’t have much control over stuff just now. That’s the thing.

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“I can’t wait to get back to normal. Mind you, but in the meantime, I think the best thing is just to keep busy and to keep going and just to keep doing what you can.”

Lorraine was reduced to tears earlier this week when she was reunited with daughter Rosie via video call on Good Morning Britain.

Lorraine’s daughter is currently self-isolating in Singapore and was speaking on the show about the country’s strict new restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus.

"People here are generally very well behaved as the government here is really strict so if you are working or caught being out, you get a £10,000 fine or six months in jail,” Rosie revealed.

Saying goodbye to her daughter, Lorraine got choked up and said, “It’s so good to talk to you baby, it’s so good to see your wee face – I do miss you.”

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