Lorraine Kelly Spoke About Whether She’d Ever Do Strictly – And Her Answer Is Hilarious

If we had to choose one celebrity we’d love to see on Strictly Come Dancing, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly would almost certainly be top of the list.

The celebrated TV host has long spoken about her love for the popular BBC programme, but as of yet, there’s been barely a whisper that she’s ever been tempted to take part herself.

However, Lorraine has now offered up her verdict on the Strictly question in her column for The Sunday Post – and sadly, it looks as though it’s disappointing news for fans…

Speaking about whether she had ever actually been asked to try her hand on the Strictly ballroom, she confessed, “I have been asked myself in the past to take part in Strictly, but even though it is one of the best of all the family TV shows, I much prefer to watch from the safety and comfort of my own sofa.”

Lorraine went on to admit that the idea of the ‘Strictly curse’ – the idea that the show brings relationship break-ups – doesn’t faze her, but that she’d not want to take part for another, entirely fair, reason.

“I don’t think for a nanosecond that I would be a victim of any romantic ‘curse’.

“My reason for turning down the show is far more simple. I know that I would be absolutely dreadful – and not in an amusing or entertaining way. I just would be very, very bad at trying to dance.”

And before you assume that the presenter is making her confession in a self-depricating way, think again – as it seems she actually got confirmation from one of the show’s professional dancers that she likely wouldn’t be any good on the dancefloor.

Lorraine wrote,”Anton du Beke once told me that he reckoned he could teach anyone to dance, but when he tried to do the waltz with me, he declared that it was like dancing with a tree.

“He was quite right – I’m not really a natural mover.” And if Anton Du Beke has told you you’re not a natural dancer, you’re probably quite inclined to listen…

Lorraine concluded, “So I think that the fear of being thought of as dreadful and dire is probably why so many might have decided not to take part.

“I am sure, though, that despite some people perhaps turning down the chance to take part through a mixture of fear and looking silly, there will still be a starry line-up at the end of the year for another cracking series of Strictly.”

We’d love to see you there Lorraine!