Lorraine Kelly reveals her secret to a brilliant summer party

As one of TV's most popular and warm presenters, we're sure a dinner party at Lorraine Kelly's house would be a brilliant way to spend a summer evening.

And with her recent move to the Buckinghamshire countryside, it looks as though the star is preparing for plenty a summer nights spent out in her back garden.

Speaking recently at the launch of her homeware collection with Wayfair, Lorraine revealed, “My husband and I have recently moved to a much smaller house as there’s only the two of us now,”

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“Besides making sure the house truly feels like home, my main priority is getting the garden in shape for the summer. We also got a new barbecue and a swing seat, which is something I have always wanted since I was a little girl.”

So how would the 58-year-old prepare for a summer party with all of her family and friends? Well, according to Lorraine, the secret lies in preparing plenty of food in advance, in order to make sure the you’re not too busy to enjoy the festivities.

According to Hello!, she said the key is, “Lots of preparation so that you aren’t stuck in the kitchen all day, and food that you can prepare in advance,

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“I like to do lots of salads, filling pasta and tons of nibbles like smoked salmon and crème fraiche on crackers.” Sounds delicious!

Lorraine Kelly also offered up her advice for creating the best atmosphere at a party, sharing that it’s essential to mix groups up during the event. She said, “Make sure you have a chat with everyone and that you introduce people who might not know each other, so they have a chance to make friends.”

We couldn’t agreed more!

Recently, Lorraine and her husband Steve left behind their Scottish mansion in Dundee to head down South,  in order to spend more time together and reduce Lorraine’s travelling time to and from work.

For years, Lorraine had been spending the weekend in her Scottish home, travelling back every Sunday to her London flat for her working week on Lorraine.

The couple sold their lavish six-bedroom home, complete with pond, Aga, and outdoor hottub, which for a huge £845,000. It was reportedly bought by a lucky East Midlands businessman, and his wife.