Lorraine Kelly sends her support to important ‘repeal the 8th’ vote happening today

Lorraine Kelly has backed those voting to 'repeal the 8th' in an important vote taking place in Ireland today.

Today (Friday 25th May) is a day that will go down in history. Voters will already be heading to the recently-opened polls to vote in a referendum on whether the country should end their ban on abortion.

Currently, the eighth amendment of the country’s constitution recognises the equal right to life of both the mother and the unborn child. However, if voters in their majority opt to overturn the amendment, and in doing so chose to value a mother’s life over an unborn baby’s, the country would effectively ban abortion.

And Lorraine Kelly, a fierce supporter of women’s causes, has voiced her support of those voting yes to repeal the 8th amendment, in the historic decision.

The popular TV presenter has revealed her stance on the issue via her Twitter account. She has retweeted numerous tweets urging people to vote yes, in particular, a message from author Marian Keyes.

Lorraine Kelly repeal the 8th

Marian is campaigning on the ‘Yes’ side of the vote to repeal the amendment, which would see abortion in Ireland legalised.

She sent a post, reading, ‘No matter what happens tomorrow (but PLEASE fecken vote!) Ireland has been changed forever by this campaign. All those incredible women who courageously told their stories has lifted our collective miasma of shame. We will no longer be shamed! (But make sure you VOTE!)’.

To which Lorraine Kelly responded passionately, ‘Yes! @MarianKeyes – you’ve played a blinder. I hope Ireland listens. Xxxx’.

The 58-year-old also retweeted an article, discussing the ways women would benefit from Ireland voting yes.

Friends star Courtney Cox and singer Lily Allen are amongst the other celebrities urging others to repeal the 8th amendment.

The Irish abortion referendum has also seen great support from women around the world. Reports have been flooding in over the last few days revealing how women from all over the globe are returning to their home country of Ireland, to vote ‘Yes’ in the historic decision.

If the amendment is in fact repealed, the Irish government will then legislate on abortion themselves. It’s thought to be most likely they they, like England, will decide to allow legal abortions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Previously, many Irish women have been forced to travel elsewhere for a termination. Others, unable to travel, have been forced to use dangerous methods to deal with the situation themselves.

It’s thought that the decision of the referendum will be revealed on Saturday.

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