Fans disappointed after Loose Women and This Morning are cancelled for this reason

Loose Women
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Daytime TV fans were left disappointed as it was revealed that both Loose Women and This Morning were cancelled for tomorrow - and a further few dates in the future.

As the 2019 Rugby World Cup took to screens on ITV, the regular breakfast and lunchtime chat shows have had to take a back seat recently.

After being off air last Friday (September 20th) and Monday (September 23), the fan favourite programmes will be no-shows tomorrow (Thursday) as well, according to the ITV TV guide.

Instead of This Morning airing at 10:30am, a special edition of Tipping Point's best finals will begin at 10:25am after the usual showing of Judge Rinder.

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The Rugby World Cup coverage will start at 11am as England play the USA at 11:45am.

Usual scheduling will reconvene at 2pm for the news, before Tipping Point begins at 4pm followed by The Chase at 5pm.

Sadly for those hoping for an imminent return of the Loose Women and Holly and Phil, the programmes are set to be disrupted next week and into next month.

When the news of the earlier cancellations this week and last week were announced on Twitter, loyal viewers were quick to express their irritation.

One complained: ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! .....I'd much rather watch Loose Women :(.’

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While a second chipped in saying, "NOT HAPPY, Loose should be broadcasting on ITV2 like you used to when the racing was on," and another remarked: ‘You could’ve put Rugby on another channel nobody watches."

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But despite the uproar, some members of the public were pleased by the news and looking forward to the sporting event.

Loose Women

"Fabulous - rugby world cup ready in this house 🌹🏉🏆 - it's only every 4 years, chin up people you might even enjoy it!," said one rugby fan.

While one more sternly told those upset over the cancellations, "oh for goodness sake its only cancelled for today 🤦🏻♀️🤗😑 its on 5 days a week !!!! i doubt the worlds going to end because they’ve replaced it with the rugby world cup 😱."

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