Loose Women producers step in as Carol McGiffin and Nadia Sawalha have heated argument on air

With a line-up of confident and outspoken panellists, there's rarely a dull day on hit daytime talk show Loose Women.

And this certainly proved to be the case yesterday when things got rather heated between Nadia Sawalha and Carol McGiffin live on the show.

As the cameras rolled, Carol couldn’t hold back her feelings when it emerged that Nadia had posted a video of herself waxing her 11-year-old daughter Kiki’s top lip on her Instagram account.

The light-hearted video was captioned with the words: “No children were hurt in the making of this MOVEMBER film!!!”. But it seems Carol failed to see the funny side.

The 58-year-old proceeded to enter into a war of words with her co-panellist, arguing that Nadia was only making Kiki feel conscious about her image at a young age.

Determined to be heard, Nadia argued that she would rather that than have other children poke fun at Kiki’s moustache, saying, “What are we saying no for when somebody’s laughing at your monobrow?”

But this argument didn’t wash with Carol, who responded, “You’re already altering the appearance of an 11-year-old when she should be able to live with how she looks at that age.”

When Nadia asked when would be the right time for Kiki to start waxing, Carol replied, “When she’s a bit older and starts being interested in boys.”

The rest of the panel – which included Andrea McLean and Jane Moore – chimed in, agreeing with Carol that children shouldn’t be forced to alter their appearance to please others.

It was at this point that producers stepped in, with Nadia telling viewers, “Oops, the producers are in our ear shouting, ‘no more, no more’. I think it’s getting a bit too heated.”

Nadia’s comments come almost a week after she revealed that she would be giving up waxing her moustache for the month of November in aid of Movember – an annual charity project which usually sees men leave their beards to grow in an effort to raise money for prostate cancer.

Revealing that she’s following in her husband’s footsteps she told the Loose Women panel, “Rather selfishly, Mark’s doing it [Movember] and it’s really annoying because I hate moustaches! I know that’s not very generous of me.

“But he’s doing it and good on him, but I’ve decided to match him, and I’m also going to do it. I’m going to grow my moustache.”

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