‘It scares me’: Lisa Riley opens up about plastic surgery fears

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Having shed an incredible 12 stone and undergone surgery to remove excess skin, Lisa Riley is no stranger to going under the knife. And what makes her such an inspiration is that she’s refreshingly honest about it.

But the 42-year-old actress has admitted that she won’t be turning to surgery again any time soon. Speaking to woman&home exclusively for our September issue, she opened up about her fears and how far she’s really prepared to go.

Discussing her latest role as Tina in BBC One’s six-part drama, Age Before Beauty, she revealed: “Our obsession with looking young is a big theme in the show. I’ve been open about having skin surgery after losing 12 stone, but I haven’t, as yet, had Botox or fillers.”

The reason? “It scares me how young people are going with it now – people talk about having a boob job like it’s popping to the shop for a pint of milk,” she told us.

Instead, Lisa has embraced a different kind of transformation for her role as Tina, who is the second of four sisters and works as a tattooist at a family-run Manchester beauty salon that has seen better days.

Lisa Riley

She revealed: “Out of all the cast, I spent the longest time in hair and make-up. I had hand and wrist tattoos, which had to be redone more or less every day.”

And it didn’t stop there. She added: “I also had body, chest and arm tattoos, which lasted for about five showers. I had to go to my birthday party during filming with all these tattoos, which raised a few eyebrows!” We’ll definitely be tuning in to check it out!

Age Before Beauty airs on BBC One, Tuesday nights at 9pm. Read the full interview with Lisa in the September 2018 issue of Woman & Home, on sale now.

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