Laura Kenny's Olympic success means she's in line for huge royal nod

Laura Kenny has become the UK's most successful female Olympian—here's what we know about the star

Laura Kenny
Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald of Team Great Britain
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Laura Kenny made history with her fifth Olympic gold medal, which makes her the UK's most successful female Olympian ever. Owing to this success, it's believed that she's in line to become a Dame.

This year's games are proving to be all about female power changing history after Sky Brown became Team GB's youngest ever Olympic gold medallist too.

What age is Laura Kenny?

Laura Kenny is 29-years-old and has been an Olympic gold medallist since she was only 20-years-old and competed at the London 2012 Olympics. 

Laura Kenny

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Laura won her fifth Olympic gold with a historic victory alongside Katie Archibald in the Madison at Tokyo 2020. This makes her not only the most successful female Olympian in Team GB's history but also the first British woman to win gold at three Olympics. 

The BBC reports that after her most recent win the cyclist said, "I've never wanted to win a medal so much in all my life."

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Who is Laura Kenny's husband Jason?

Laura Kenny

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Laura's husband Jason Kenny is also a professional cyclist for Team GB. The couple are not only powerhouses in the cycling world but in the Olympics too as Jason recently became the most decorated male British Olympian of all time.

Ahead of her gold medal-winning race in the Madison, there was nobody else she would have considered messaging than her hubby. However, she said that during their chat, she admitted to her husband she thought it was all over.

"I messaged Jason and said I feel like my Olympics ends today," she said. "I love the team pursuit but I felt relief when it was over because this was the one race I wanted to win - I just feel so relieved."

Laura Kenny

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Do Laura and Jason Kenny have a baby?

Laura and Jason welcomed their son Albie in 2017. Being an athlete is a sign of extreme dedication and the only thing Laura is as dedicated to is her family. 

All the time apart during her grueling training schedule, and the games themselves, has been hard for as she told BBC Sport, "All week I've been saying please don't ask me about Albie—I've never missed him so much."

For many female athletes, the concern about being able to return to their sporting passions post-pregnancy can be overwhelming, and Laura was no different. She told BBC Sport, "When I fell pregnant, there was a moment two months into the pregnancy where I woke up and said to Jason 'I can't do this. I'm not going to be able to carry on [with cycling], there's just no way.'" Despite her concerns, the proof is in the pudding and the five-time gold medallist added, "And here we are."

Will Laura Kenny receive a damehood?

Considering Laura's huge Olympic success at Tokyo 2020 as well as London 2012 and Rio 2016, which have made her the most successful female member of Team GB ever, it's believed that she's in line to become a Dame. 

If that's not enough, it's also believed that Jason will be knighted—making them the first sporting couple to simultaneously receive the titles.

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