Kylie Minogue's Neighbours return is for this adorable reason

Kylie Minogue's Neighbours return is scheduled for later this year and the star has just revealed the heartfelt reason she's returning

Kylie Minogue's Neighbours return
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Kylie Minogue's Neighbours return is scheduled for just a few months away as the star is set to appear in the final episode of the beloved Australian soap that has been on screens for the last 37 years.

Despite a petition to save Neighbours, it was announced that Neighbours, the beloved Australian soap that has been on air since 1985, has been canceled. 

Although devoted fans are devastated by this news, the finale is set to bring back some of the most iconic characters from the series, including Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan who are just two of the former Neighbours stars who ended up with huge success.

Fans loved Kylie Minogue's character Charlene Robinson and in a recent interview with Glamour the famous actress and singer explained the sweet reason she decided to Ramsay Street.

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Kylie explained that it was actually her fellow co-star and on-screen love interest, Jason Donovan, that convinced her to return. "Jason contacted me, and he said, ‘I mean, if you're in this could be a nice way to just say thanks to people.'" said Kylie.

The singer went on to explain that even though she hasn't been involved in the show for decades, she understands how much fans loved their characters. 

"We've had nothing to do with Neighbours for...over 30 years? We don't kind of carry neighbours, but it's incredible that it touched people so much back then. In the early days of Scott and Charlene and Mike and Jane and Matt, Daphne, and everyone older than that, it was this moment in time that’s still in people and a part of a really carefree few years of their lives," said the star.

Kylie added that a key reason she was returning was to thank the fans, particularly as this is the show that helped her launch her career. "So it’s just thanking the loyal fans who still remember those first few years of the show," said Kylie. 

"I've worked with people you know, super cool megastars, really famous people. And then eventually they'll let it slip that they used to watch Neighbours back in the day and would skive off school to catch the lunchtime episode," said the star. "But they'll drop a little Neighbours' story and it's just it's very touching because they are times that we can't touch - completely different times."

Kylie Minogue

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Kylie reflected that had it not been for the Neighbours gig, she was about to go on 'the dole' which is the Australian term for being on government benefits or welfare.

"It really got me thinking about it. I was just out of school and had just auditioned for Neighbours. I got the job and I was happy to have a job as I'd actually signed up to the dole just a couple of weeks before, but because I got the job I never got a dole check! But that's where I was - I needed to make a living, I needed to do something. It was meant to be a stint on the show of between one and twelve weeks, I think, so if it didn't work I would have been out after a week or two," said Kylie who then happily concluded by saying, "Two and a half years later I was still there and the mania had ensued."

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