Kirstie Allsopp Causes Outrage Over Her Very Controversial Opinion On Washing Machines...

kirstie allsopp
kirstie allsopp
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Kirstie Allsopp received a tirade of criticism on twitter following her comments about people who have washing machines in their kitchen.

The television presenter best known for role on Channel 4's property shows, shared her very controversial opinion on Twitter on Tuesday afternoonand caused outrage.

For many households, putting the washing machine in the kitchen is the most practical location. The kitchen is the place where everything gets cleaned and for those without a utility room, there is usually very little space to put the household appliance anywhere else.

She called people with washing machines in their kitchens "disgusting". The comment was in response to someone who tweeted Kirstie. The tweet said: "Americans in our office are always confused by the British habit of putting washing machines in kitchens and view this as disgusting."

Kirstie replied in agreement and addedthat her "life's work" is partly dedicated to dispelling this appliance from the kitchen.


Although the presenter agreed that they are practical, she was adamant that they should not be placed in the kitchen.She said: "Why does anyone want to mix poo, pee & period with food unless they have to?

"Equally why mix toast, butter and marmalade with clean washing?"

When asked where she would recommend a homeowner to put one if they don't have a utility room, Kirstie suggested a bathroom, hall cupboard or airing cupboard.

Several people on Twitter called Kirstie a "snob" in response to her comments. One user said:"Most of us don't have the luxury of an alternative". Kirstie replied: "Not true, millions of people live in 3 bed semis or terraces built between 1900 & 1970 where it is possible to relocate washing machine."

But this didn't stop the critics commenting. One user added: "Why is it disgusting everything gets washed in kitchen, we don't all have a utility room."

A third person was clearly a little disappointed in Kirstie's opinion. They said: "Seriously? I support most of your views but this one is just ridiculous. So many people have no choice, my kitchen has a washing machine, spotless."

The 45-year-old presenter also branded Twitter users "f*** wits" for causing such a hullabaloo. She said:"Look you total bunch of f*** wits, IF POSSIBLE having a washing machine out of the kitchen frees up space, if not possible no big deal."


Although Kirstie had some supporters, the vast majority of the comments were challenging her opinion.

What do you think? Is your washing machine in your kitchen and if you had the space, would you move it to your bathroom as suggested by Kirstie?

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