The £20,000 Privacy Measure Taken By The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have long been known as a private pair, and now they’ve taken a bigger step than ever to ensure their privacy, by erecting a long hedge made of conifer trees at the end of the Kensington Palace gardens, which is set to be their new home.

A huge team of gardeners and construction workers have already begun work on the renovations, which will be made up of a wall of £20,000 trees along one side of the palace.

Up until now, the young family have been fairly well protected at their home in Norfolk, which sits in an already pretty secluded area of the countryside – although they are just two miles from the Queen’s Sandringham home.

But the royal couple, along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will soon be relocating from their current home in Norfolk to the palatial Kensington Place later this year, as they prepare to bump up their royal duties. The Duke and Duchess hope that the trees will give them a greater level of
privacy when they’re at home – not surprising considering the constant scrutiny on them.

Prince William is also rumoured to be giving up his role as a pilot in order to dedicate more of his time to royal engagements, as the Queen cuts down on her own duties following her 90th birthday in 2016.

The young couple briefly lived at Kensington Palace when they married in 2011 – but quickly relocated to Anmer Hall in the Norfolk countryside, where Prince George and Princess Charlotte have so far grown up.

Before moving out of the residence, Catherine and William spent around £4.5 million doing it up, adding in a new kitchen, bedroom, and nursery for Prince George, who was then just a baby. Back then, the Duke and Duchess broke with a tradition many former residents have upheld by sharing a bedroom, despite there being two master bedrooms in the house. Former residents of the palace have usually slept in separate rooms.

And they’re not the only royal family the hedge will benefit. The
Duke and Duchess of Gloucester also live in an apartment within the palace
– and the young Princess Eugenie is also expected to move in there later this