Kaye Adams urges women to check breasts correctly - after revealing terrifying breast cancer scare

Loose Women panellist Kaye Adams has revealed that she has faced a terrifying breast cancer scare in recent weeks, after checking her breast constantly in fear.

The 55-year-old opened up in a new video on her social media channels, explaining that she'd just finished up a doctors appointment regarding her concerns.

Kaye confessed, "So I've just been for a breast examination, I do it twice a year.

"I go and get a doctor to have a feel because I don't really trust myself so I've been in a state of sort of mild panic for the last week.

"I had totally convinced myself that there is something there, staring at myself in the mirror, feeling and prodding the whole time. In the shower. In the morning. Lying in bed at night. By the time I got into that appointment, I was totally convinced that there was something wrong."

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However, luckily it appears that Kaye's worries were unfounded, as she went on to reveal that the doctor was not concerned.

She shared, "Thankfully, he said that there's nothing he's worried about", referring to her GP.

But the TV star confessed that her weeks of worrying about her boobs left her "torn" about whether increased health awarness can make people far more anxious about their health.

She said, "It's great there is increased health awareness and we're much more body conscious.

"Early detection is clearly really, really important but - and maybe it's just because I'm a basket case - I'm fully prepared to admit that, but it just can tip into low grade anxiety, just constantly this low grade anxiety."

Kaye also revealed that he doctor reassured her she wasn't the only one to feel that way. She said, "He said, we do have people in here who are constantly checking, checking, checking."

But despite her worrying few weeks, Loose Women presenter Kaye revealed that she learnt a valuable lesson whilst on her doctors visit.

She shared that she'd actually been checking her breasts incorrectly - and, too often.

The mum-of-two confessed, "Apart from anything else I was doing it wrong. I was prodding with the tips of my fingers, he was saying well it's actually the pads of your fingers. I was doing it wrong anyway!".

Kaye went on to say, "And he also said, once a month! Do it once a month, and only do it once a month, don't do it constantly. And it's just finding that balance."

Doctors advise checking your breasts with the pad of your fingers in order to get a more accurate self-examination.

Along with the sage advice Kaye received, the NHS also advise feeling each breast and armpit up to your collabone, for anything unusual. It's also a good idea to check your breasts in the mirror, in order to pick up on any possible physical changes.

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