Dame Judi Dench finally reunites with her family in heartwarming video

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The Skyfall has finally been reunited with her grandson - after he made TikTok fame during lockdown.

Judi, 85, has been keeping fans entertained during lockdown by joining her grandson for TikTok dances.

And on Sunday the pair were finally able to film a routine in person after Boris Johnson eased lockdown restrictions and allowed those living alone e to join a social bubble.

Judi was joined in her spacious garden by her grandson, Sam, 22, and her daughter, Finty Williams, for the perfectly synchronised TikTok video - one that will no doubt go viral like all the others featuring Judi.

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Prior to their meet over the weekend, Judi and her grandson have been forced to film their dance routines separately via FaceTime as the coronavirus pandemic forced the entire country in lockdown. But this time Judi was finally able to shake her hips alongside her family - while keeping a sensible distance away from them.

Sam has acquired 124.6K TikTok followers since lockdown began back in March thanks to his famous grandmother.

Despite being classed as "vulnerable" when it comes to coronavirus, Judi has remained positive and reminded the nation to "find the silver lining" during the crisis.

This isn’t the first time Judi has inspired fans with her optimistic outlook on life – despite a few bumps along the way.

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After being diagnosed with macular degeneration in 2012, Judi has been battling with ever-worsening eyesight. But, rather than let it mark the end of her career, she took an entirely different approach.

"I can’t turn things down," she confessed. "If I’m offered a job, I always do it, because I think it’s the last job I’m going to be asked to do."

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While Judi described certain aspects of her degenerating health as "traumatic", she'll always looks for the positive.

"I can only really see who someone is when I’m six inches away now. I have to get very close to people, and I mean extremely close – which is handy with the fellas," she previously joked. "Wonderful, really. And you have to find a silver lining, don’t you?"

Despite her failing eyesight, Judi still finds ways to go about daily life. She explained, "It’s not like suddenly going blind in one go. You do it gradually, so gradually you somehow find a way of learning."

What an inspiration!

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