The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Here! And The Ending Might Break Your Heart…

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  • It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for all year – in fact, ever since the last one came out. Yes, that’s right – the John Lewis Christmas advert 2017 is finally here – and it’s everything we could have dreamt of.

    The John Lewis ad is undeniably the most awaited of all the Christmas adverts. And this year, it’s just as cute as ever…

    As the ad opens, we’re told the tale of little Joe, who is kept awake by a 7ft, imaginary monster, named Moz. Joe is actually played by two seven-year-old twins, Ethan and Tobias.

    You might imagine a monster under the bed is quite terrifying for any child – but because this is a John Lewis advert, it’s obviously nothing but adorable.

    The heartwarming tale shows the two, Joe and Moz, become best buds. They have fun together, laugh and play Scalextric, but Moz only comes out in the night.

    As such, it seems as though Joe is left feeling pretty tired – and can hardly keep his eyes open during the day.

    Understandably, this is a pretty unsustainable routine for a young boy. And it seems as though monster Moz has realised that his little friend is feeling the effects

    So for Christmas, he selflessly gives Joe the gift of a night-light – which finally helps him sleep, but sadly extinguishes Moz.

    Joe can now get some much-needed sleep, but when it’s on, but Moz is no where to be seen under his bed anymore…So is Joe’s friend really gone for good?

    But before you launch into a full-on weep, Joe turns the light off, and he can still hear the rumblings of his good old friend. Thankfully, he goes to sleep knowing he can bring him back at anytime – after a good night’s sleep though, of course.

    The adorable ad is set to the song Golden Slumbers, a cover by British band Elbow of the original song by the Beatles.

    See it here!

    Craig Inglis, John Lewis’s Customer Director commented on the ad, saying, “This year’s Christmas campaign brings to life the power of children’s imaginations and the joy of great friendships. Moz and Joe’s story is magical and heartwarming and I’m sure it will be loved by all of our customers, young and old.”

    And the creator of the £7 million ad, Michel Gondry, admitted he was aware of the big task ahead of him when he took on the job.

    “When I told my ex girlfriend I was doing the next John Lewis Christmas film she said: You have big shoes to fill, this John Lewis commercial must make people cry, don’t forget.”

    But luckily, it seems as if the advert has lived up to expectations, as he admitted, “Last week I showed it to her and she cried. Phew.”

    Phew indeed!

    So hand’s up – who else is now fully feeling the festive spirit?