John Lewis reveals their best-selling items for a good night's sleep

If a great night's sleep often eludes you, these best-selling sleep products from John Lewis may well be the answer.

In a moment when more of us than ever are focused on wellness, self-care, and looking after our bodies, there's never been a better time to invest in getting some quality shut-eye.

After all, getting in your 40 winks is well known to be beneficial for both our mental and physical health - and vital for having a productive, healthy and happy day the following morning.

So thankfully, John Lewis & Partners have unveiled the products their customers rate most highly for a good night's sleep - and you can bet we'll be putting plenty of them on our Christmas list.

House Beautiful report that the shop's 2018 retail report, based on shopping dates from August 2017 - September 2018, has revealed John Lewis' most popular, sleep-related products.

First off, is John Lewis and Partners' premium cotton bed linen, which have seen a rise of 11% in sales during the examined time period. The bedding, which ranges in price from £45 - £75, has won almost 5 stars on the John Lewis website, with customers praising it as "cosy" and "comforting".

Another popular choice is their selection of silk pillowcases - which come in all colours from white to light pink, and ivory blue. Sales of the pillowcases went up by 13% in the year, and they're generally available for around £40 - £45. Silk pillowcases are know to be good for your skin and hair - so this addition to the list is no surprise!

Their Devon Wool pillows (£80) have also seen a 42% increase in sales. The pillows are perfect for allergy-sufferers due to their natural properties.

The affordable Neom Organics range - which is full of pillow sprays, soothing candles and sleep balms has also proven very popular. Sales have risen a whopping 264% during the year.

John Lewis and Partner's duck down duvets (£130 - £230) have also seen a lift in sales of 14%, which makes total sense - given that it's regularly praised for keeping you warm whilst still being light and breathable.

But perhaps the product that has seen the biggest uplift in sales is John Lewis's upholstered grey Grace bedstead, which is up 1288% on last year. And it's no surprise, as the stylish, clean lines are perfect for creating a calming, night-time environment. Amazingly, the bed frame is also available for just £250 for a king-size - meaning it's one of the most affordable frames out there for the quality.

The retailer's Hungarian goose mattress topper, which sells for between £200 - £350 depending on your bed size, has also gone down a storm with shoppers. It's seen sales rise 292% in the last year, and has a duo-layer system. While the bottom layer provides sturdy support, the top is soft and cosy, for a comfortable sleep.

Amy Hunt

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