Jill Biden's 'beautiful' handwriting wows fans and reveals she's an ambitious extrovert

Jill Biden has showcased her elegant cursive in a recent interview about her job as a college professor

Jill Biden has showcased her elegant cursive in a recent interview about her job as a college professor
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College lecturer Dr. Jill Biden has long had a reputation as a literary expert, but it looks like she's also a pro in another creative art—cursive. 

The US First Lady might want to add 'calligraphy' to her already stellar resumé, after wowing fans with her impressive handwriting skills in her latest Instagram post. 

Jill, who has worked as a Professor of English since 2009, showcased her elegant shorthand in a teachers' questionnaire feature of a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, and it didn't take long for folks to comment on her signature ink. 

"Beautiful handwriting. Wow," one person wrote, shortly after another confessed, "I’m just here for the handwriting 😍".

The italic black lettering even brought back memories for some of Jill's followers, who recognized its distinctive style from their own education. "Why did most of my elementary school teachers have this type of handwriting?!" one fan asked. 

Jill's cursive may also signal certain traits of her personality. Graphologist Paula Sassi believes our handwriting can say a lot about who we are as people—and when it comes to the First Lady, there's plenty to analyze. Her written words slant to the right, which is apparently an indicator of a sociable person, while her s's are sharply pointed—a reflection of ambition. Sounds about right to us. 

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Jill Biden signing the guest book during a visit to the National Orchid Garden in Singapore on July 26, 2013.

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While some followers were delighted by the sneak peek at the First Lady's penmanship, others were more interested in the details included in the speed fire Q&A. 

Jill divulged a number of insights into her practical teaching preferences on the worksheet, revealing she prefers whiteboards to chalkboards and notetaking by hand rather than typing. She also shared her go-to place to grade papers—the White House sunroom—as well as her biggest grammar pet peeve—the incorrect use of "I" vs "me".  

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Jill Biden visiting an elementary school in New Hampshire in March 2021 

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When it comes to her course content as an English professor, Jill has three favorite books to teach—To Kill a Mockingbird, The Scarlet Letter, and The Great Gatsby. As of late, she's embraced the importance of non-fictional material, adding Trevor Noah's memoir Born a Crime to her curriculum. 

She also imparted a snippet of wisdom to her fellow educators, summarizing her teaching philosophy in the following words: "So much of teaching is helping students develop their confidence and encouraging the strengths that are already inside of them". 

This is far from the first time the passionate academic has promoted the importance of education. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden bonded with Kate Middleton on the issue during her UK trip with President Biden in June, making a joint visit to an English primary school to meet its pupils and teachers. 

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