Jeremy Paxman On Why ‘King’ Charles Could Be A Big Problem

He’s next in line to the throne, but it seems not everyone is keen to see Prince Charles succeed his mother Queen Elizabeth II and become King.

BBC Two presenter Jeremy Paxman recently admitted his views on the Prince of Wales’ eventual ascension to power – but was clear in his opinion that if the Prince acts the way he does now when he is King, there would be problems.

Speaking at the Buxton International Festival last week, Paxman, who has previously written a book on the history of British royalty, admitted his view that King Charles would cause ‘big problems’.

He was quoted by the Daily Mail saying, “People say to me ‘but what about Prince Charles?’ My answer is it’s going to be a big problem when we get Prince Charles – if he behaves as Prince Charles.”

However, Paxman then said how he thought Charles would have to behave differently when he becomes King – something he believes is a good thing.

He said, “But I don’t think he will [continue to behave as Prince Charles] – the role is different.”

Controversially, Jeremy continued to seemingly critique the Prince’s strong opinions on environmental issues. He said, “We shan’t have his view on talking to trees or whatever inflicted upon us when he’s monarch but when he’s the Prince of Wales he can do what he likes.”

Traditionally, the Head of State is required to stay mutual on political and social issues, and is never usually allowed to display any opinion either way. Up until now, while he is not the reigning monarch, Charles has been open and honest about his views on the environment, staunchly advocating for a better focus on sustainability and conservation in the UK.

In fact, his views are so strong that the Prince actually only grants Royal Warrants to businesses that “understand and take a responsible approach to sustainability and social issues.”

But despite this, Jeremy did declare that he himself was a monarchist – although he did admit that that was so because of “no better alternative.”

It’s not the first time Jeremy Paxman has been seen offering up controversial comments about the Prince of Wales, either. In his book, ‘On Royalty’, the former Newsnight presenter revealed a reported story he’d heard, that the Prince has seven different eggs boiled for him of a morning in order to choose the one with the consistency he prefers.

But the claim was dismissed by Clarence House. At the time, a spokesperson said, “Whether he has eggs for breakfast or not is not relevant. It is claimed that a friend has said this, but the story isn’t true.”

His former personal chef, Chris Barber, also said, “To think he would waste six eggs and pick only one – there’s no chance. His whole philosophy is never wasting anything. This doesn’t sound like the Prince of Wales I knew.”

Apester Lazyload