Jamie Lee Curtis teases Freaky Friday sequel with Lindsay Lohan – 'let me be the grandma'

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed she's pitched her idea for a Freaky Friday 2 to Disney, nearly twenty years after the release of the original film

Jamie Lee Curtis teases Freaky Friday 2 – 'let me be the grandma'
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Jamie Lee Curtis has hinted that a Freaky Friday 2 with Lindsay Lohan could be on the horizon, revealing that she's already pitched her vision for the long-awaited sequel to Disney.

The US actor confirmed on Monday that she's eager to remake the 2003 family comedy, much to the excitement of her devout fanbase. 

Appearing on The View to promote her new movie, Halloween Ends, Jamie Lee didn't hold back when asked about the possibility of another Freaky Friday

"I've already written to Disney, my friends at Disney," she told co-host, Sara Haines, before detailing her idea for the potential sequel. In the original Freaky Friday, Jamie Lee plays Tess, a successful therapist who swaps bodies with her teenage daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan), after the quarrelsome duo eats a magical fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. 

For the plot of the second movie, the 63-year-old wants to play the grandma who trades bodies with her now grown-up daughter. The exciting proposal is in line with her real-life celebration of getting older, coming just a few months after Jamie Lee Curtis called for the word 'anti-aging' to be 'struck'

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan at the premiere of Freaky Friday 

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"Let me be the old grandma who switches places,” she said on The View

"So then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma, who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon…And simply, I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I wanna be a helicopter parent in today’s world, as an old lady." 

In another recent interview, Jamie Lee revealed that she's still friends with her former co-star Lindsay Lohan. 

"She texted me the other day," the Scream Queen told fans during a press conference in Mexico City last week. "She’s in Ireland making [her new Netflix movie ‘Irish Wish’]. Anyway, Freaky Friday remake? Absolutely."

Lindsay has also voiced her desire to do a Freaky Friday 2 in the past, taking to Twitter in 2017 to ask her followers to put pressure on Disney to green-light the movie. The early noughties comedy was a huge hit at the box office, grossing $160 million worldwide and receiving rave reviews from audiences. 

Disney has yet to make any responses to Lindsay and Jamie Lee's public comments, but with both actresses on board for the project, it looks like a sequel could be coming sooner than we might have thought. 

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